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Cy-Hawk Trophy to change

[ 9 ] August 23, 2011 |

The CEO of the Iowa Corngrowers Association announced today that the much-maligned new Cy-Hawk Trophy will be changed, and will involve input from the public.

It appears that some sort of voting will be involved in creating the new trophy. Plans for an interim trophy will be announced soon.

Staff from both the University of Iowa and Iowa State were involved in changing the trophy. UI’s Rick Klatt said that “too much criticism” has gone to the Iowa Corngrowers.

“We aspired to do something beyond a football trophy,” Klatt said. “Perhaps we missed the mark.”

The decision to change the trophy actually came before Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad weighed in saying that he’d like to see a different trophy, according to Iowa Corn CEO Craig Floss.

Both Klatt and Steve Malchow said that they hadn’t heard any feedback about the trophy from either ISU coach Paul Rhoads or Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz.

Klatt said that in today’s wired society, it’s much more difficult to introduce a trophy than, say 50 or 60 years ago or as even as recently as a decade ago.

Floss said Iowa Corn was closely monitoring its social media outlets and said the negative reaction to the trophy was overwhelming, and that is what prompted the eventual change and the decision to have the public involved in some way in choosing the new design.

“At the end of the day, we ended up listening to the fans,” Floss said.

Despite several questions trying to pin down individual names of those responsible for choosing the design, officials stuck to the line that it was a collaborative effort and that all parties involved signed off on the trophy.

“There are many things said to us organizationally and personally that I’m not going to repeat,” Floss said. “Some of it was not appropriate. And that happens.” Floss added that the criticisms that resonated with him the most were from fans who said they normally don’t comment on such things, but that they wished the institutions involved would reconsider.

Both Klatt and Malchow went out of their way to defend the Iowa Corngrowers Association and to say that the group took far more than their fair share of the criticism.

Iowa Corn and the two schools will be posting information on their websites at some point to collect fan input on a new trophy.

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