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Hawkeyes hire Greg Davis as offensive coordinator

[ 9 ] February 27, 2012 |

Iowa changed offensive coordinators Monday, but not necessarily offensive football philosophies.

The Hawkeyes announced that former Texas coordinator Greg Davis would replace Ken O’Keefe as the coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

It’s new blood, but similar strategy.

In 13 seasons at Texas between 1998 and 2010, 42.7 percent of the offense came on the ground and 57.3 percent through the air. In the past 13 seasons at Iowa, 39.4 percent of the yards were rushing, compared to 60.6 percent passing.

“Greg’s units have demonstrated impressive production and they have done so using a variety of systems and styles — he has done an outstanding job of playing towards the strengths and abilities of the players with which he has worked,” Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said in a press release.

“We are thrilled to have Greg Davis join our staff. Greg has enjoyed great success during his career, and I believe that can be attributed directly to the combination of his football expertise and teaching skills.”

Davis, 60, came to the Longhorns when Mack Brown became the coach. O’Keefe also was Ferentz’s only offensive coordinator.

Not similar, though, were the players with whom they worked.

Under Davis’ offense, running back Ricky Williams won the 1998 Heisman Trophy, and former Longhorn quarterbacks Vince Young, Chris Simms and Colt McCoy went on to start games in the NFL.

“Texas spread out its formation a little more than Iowa, but it’s not like Iowa didn’t play some one-back offense, too,” said former Iowa State secondary coach Bob Elliott, who coached against Davis’ offenses eight seasons while at Kansas State and the Cyclones. “Why would Kirk make drastic changes with the offense philosophy, when the offense they’ve been running has been pretty darn good?”

Like O’Keefe, Davis was a lightning rod for criticism when the offense didn’t perform up to fan expectations. They complained that play-calling had become predictable.

Ultimately, that led to Davis’ resignation after Texas went 5-7 in 2010, the team’s first losing season since 1989. That record included Iowa State’s 28-21 victory in Austin.

“Predictable? I don’t know how people can say that,” Elliott said. “Texas wasn’t predictable, and I’ll tell you this about Iowa — they threw the ball more on first down than anyone we played.”

Predictable or not, Davis, who was out of coaching last season, called the Longhorns’ offense when Texas won the 2005 season BCS national championship with a 41-38 win over Southern California.

Davis could not immediately be reached for comment.

“While Greg’s body of work on the field has been stellar, I have been even more impressed with the many positive things I have learned about Greg as a person and staff member,” Ferentz said.

“I am very confident he will be a tremendous asset to our program, campus and community.”



Born: April 25, 1951 in Groves, Texas

Collegiate coaching history:

1998-2010: Texas offensive coordinator

1967-97: North Carolina offensive coordinator

1994-95: Georgia passing game coordinator

1992-93: Arkansas offensive coordinator

1988-1991: Tulane head coach (14-31 record)

1985-87: Tulane receivers coach

1978-84: Texas A&M quarterbacks coach



Texas per game averages, Iowa in parentheses

Year       Rushing                   Passing                     Total

1998       201.1 (80.9)          266.5 (185.9)          467.5 (266.8)

1999       135.1 (93.5)          275.4 (206.8)          410.5 (300.3)

2000       145.5 (90.8)          293.5 (215.0)          439.0 (305.8)

2001       162.3 (175.3)       250.3 (218.2)           412.6 (393.5)

2002       135.5 (214.2)       250.1 (210.3)           385.6 (424.5)

2003       232.5 (172.4)       202.6 (161.2)           439.2 (333.5)

2004       299.2 (72.6)          165.2 (240.1)           464.2 (312.7)

2005       274.9 (174.7)        237.2 (257.8)           512.1 (432.4)

2006       162.6 (143.5)        228.8 (239.8)           391.5 (383.3)

2007       207.5 (126.2)        255.4 (190.1)           462.9 (316.3)

2008       167.5 (188.7)       308.3 (181.7)            475.8 (370.4)

2009       147.6 (114.2)       273.6 (222.1)            421.2 (336.3)

2010       150.5 (148.4)       232.0 (234.5)            382.5 (382.9)

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