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Harty: How well do you know the Hawkeyes?

[ 0 ] May 6, 2012 |

With the spring semester almost over at the University of Iowa, now seems like a good time for a quiz about Iowa Hawkeye athletics.

Please, no cheating, or in other words, take the quiz without help from the Internet.

1. The 1895 season is significant for the Iowa football program in what regard?

a. It was Iowa’s inaugural season as a football program.

b. It marked the first season that Iowa defeated Michigan.

c. It marked the first season that Iowa completed a forward pass.

d. It was the last time that Iowa played without a head coach.

2. Which one of the following names is not that of a former head football coach at Iowa:

a. Otto Wagonhurst

b. A.E. Bull

c. Peter Griffin

d. Roger Sherman

3. Iowa men’s basketball coach Fran McCaffery played his final three seasons at the University of Pennsylvania after transferring from which of the following schools:

a. LaSalle

b. Wake Forest

c. Clemson

d. Old Dominion

4. Match these four incoming Iowa football recruits his hometown:

1. Daumantas Venckus

2 Faith Ekakitie

3. C.J. Bethard

4. Kevin Buford

a. Canton, Mich.

b. Weston, Fla.

c. Brampton, Ontario

d. Franklin, Tenn.

5. Matt Gatens ended his career in March as the Iowa men’s basketball team’s sixth all-time leading scorer with 1,635 points. Which one of the following four players is not ranked above him in scoring at Iowa?

a. Acie Earl

b. Jess Settles

c. B.J. Armstrong

d. Greg Stokes

6. Which of the following names is not that of a former Iowa men’s basketball coach?

a. Ed Rule

b. Fred Bailey

c. George Bailey

d. Walter Stewart

7. Slip Madigan only won two games during his two seasons as the Iowa football coach in 1943 and 1944. Both victories came against the same opponent. Who was that opponent?

a. Great Lakes

b. Iowa Prefight

c. Nebraska

d. Purdue

8. Match the former Iowa football player with the junior college he attended:

1. Brad Banks

2. Andre Tippett

3. Marshal Yanda

4. Michael Titley

a. Ellsworth Community College

b. North Iowa Community College

c. Hinds Community College

d. Nassau Community College

9. True or false: Shonn Greene is ranked in the top 10 in rushing at Iowa with 2,107 yards.

10. True or false: Chuck Hartlieb is the only Iowa quarterback to pass for more than 3,000 yards in a single season twice during his career.

11. Which one of these players never led Iowa men’s basketball in points for a single season?

a. Justin Johnson

b. Jake Kelly

c. Chauncey Leslie

d. William Mayfield

12. Which one of these players did not lead the Iowa men’s basketball team in 3-point field-goal percentage for a single season at least three times during his career?

a. B.J. Armstrong

b. Troy Skinner

c. Kent McCausland

d. Jeff Horner

13. Which one of the following defensive backs led Iowa in tackles for a single season more than once during his career?

a. Marcus Paschal

b. Jason Olejniczak

c. Bob Sanders

d. Matt Bowen

14. Four different players led the Iowa football teams in tackles in each of 10 seasons from 1976-85. Who were they in order?

15. True or false: Ed Horton led Iowa in rebounding for a single season just once during his career.


1. d

2. c

3. b

4. 1-b, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a

5. b

6. c

7. c

8. 1-c, 2-a, 3-b, 4-d

9. False

10. True

11. d

12. c

13. d

14. Tom Rusk (1976-78), Leven Weiss (1979), Mel Cole (1980-81), Larry Station (1982-85).

15. true

Reach Pat Harty at pharty@press-citizen.com or 339-7370.

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