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UI’s Barta wants 7 wins for bowl-bound teams

[ 4 ] May 14, 2012 |

However the college football championship game discussion plays out next month, one thing is clear on one Midwestern campus.

The University of Iowa’s top athletic department administrator wants to improve the quality of teams that participate in bowl games.

Hawkeye Athletics Director Gary Barta, saying this week that he feels a playoff system is inevitable, favors increasing the NCAA’s minimum postseason eligibility requirement from six victories to seven for teams playing 12-game regular seasons.

“The six-win requirement was established when there were 11 games in the regular season,” Barta said. “Six wins represented a winning season. When the schedule was switched to 12 games, we didn’t change the bowl requirement from six to seven.

“With a 12-game schedule, seven represents a winning season. That’s a good barometer in my opinion.”

Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard favors leaving the eligibility requirement at six.

“We have gone to two bowl games in the past three years with six-win teams, and our players and fans have had great experiences,” Pollard said.

Sixty teams with .500 regular-season records have played in bowl games since colleges were allowed to play 12-game regular seasons in 2006, including Iowa that season.

The Hawkeyes were not invited to a bowl after going 6-6 in 2007.

Bowl-game eligibility will be discussed during a BCS commissioners meeting on June20, although the dominating topic will be playoff proposals that university presidents will consider when they meet on June 26.

The current BCS agreement ends after the 2013 season.

“It looks to me like a four-game playoff is a foregone conclusion,” Barta said.

Meanwhile, Northern Iowa athletic director Troy Dannen endorses whichever number benefits his Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) program.

He figures major colleges, some of whom play nine-game conference schedules, will seek as many traditionally less-powerful schools as they can with the notion of lightening non-conference scheduling loads.

Major colleges can play as many FCS teams as they want during the non-conference season, although they can count only one FCS victory toward bowl eligibility.

“A seven-win requirement will help us from a leverage standpoint,” said Dannen, whose Panthers will play at Wisconsin and Iowa this season. “If the FBS goes to seven wins (for bowl eligibility), it will help us.”

While potentially watering down non-conference schedules of BCS teams, according to Pollard.

“If the change was made to seven wins, it will have the opposite effect on college football than what most think,” he said. “Schools will stop playing tough non-conference schedules in order to make sure they get to seven wins.”

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