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VIDEO: Brad Rogers is gameday ready

[ 0 ] June 15, 2012 |

At this time last year, Brad Rogers was dealing with a wide range of emotions, from fear to boredom.

Rogers still was undergoing medical tests after being diagnosed with an undisclosed heart condition several months earlier. His career as an Iowa football player was in limbo or at least on hold.

Rogers was prohibited from doing anything football related for almost a year while doctors treated him for the condition.

“I basically just sat around and took (medical) tests,” Rogers said Wednesday while meeting with reporters. “It was pretty boring.”

His story finally took a happy and more exciting turn in October when Rogers received medical clearance to resume playing football.

The junior from Toledo, Ohio, now is listed as Iowa’s starting fullback and his days are filled once again with pain, sweat and fatigue. It’s a good pain, though, the kind caused by pushing your body to the extreme, which football players do on a regular basis.

Life is pretty much back to normal for Rogers except for his eating habits. He isn’t on a health food kick. It’s more a case of how much Rogers puts into his 5-foot-10, 230-pound body rather than what he puts into his body.

Being inactive for so long caused Rogers to realize that he needed to cut back on his calories.

“It helped me turn my eating habits around,” Rogers said. “It wasn’t so much that (I was eating food) that wasn’t good for me. It was more the portions that I ate.”

Rogers is easy to please when it comes to food.

“I like just about everything,” he said.

Rogers hopes his new eating habits will keep him in top physical shape when preseason practice starts in August.

It’s still uncertain how new offensive coordinator Greg Davis will utilize the fullback position. The fullback mostly was used as a blocker under previous offensive coordinator Ken O’Keefe.

But Rogers has shown that he’s hardly a one-trick pony playing fullback. He also can run and catch passes.

Combine that with Davis’ willingness to throw to his running backs and it could be a situation this fall where Rogers contributes more while consuming less.


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