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Harty: Garmon not sure when he’s coming to Iowa City

[ 5 ] June 19, 2012 |

Iowa running back recruit Greg Garmon finally broke his silence on Tuesday by texting that he isn’t sure when he’ll arrive in Iowa City.

I had sent Garmon two other text messages since he was arrested for simple marijuana possession on June 7 in his hometown of Erie, Pa., but didn’t get a response.

He responded to my third text message asking when he planned to be Iowa City with “Idk yet,” which is short for “I don’t know yet.”

Now it’s a matter of letting his case work itself out. And the best way to do that is to avoid jumping to conclusions.

Nothing I’ve heard suggests that Garmon is headed anywhere but to Iowa City to begin his career as a Hawkeye.

Some fans might be concerned because last week Garmon posted on his Facebook page that he planned to be in Iowa City this past Sunday. They might figure since he isn’t here that something bad happened to delay or even derail his move to Iowa City.

That’s the problem with cases like this because the few people that actually know anything worthwhile aren’t speaking, at least on the record.

But why should they?

What does Garmon have to gain by saying anything about his case to the media?

And likewise for Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz.

The start of training camp is still over a month away, so why should Ferentz rush to any judgment?

And who knows, Ferentz might’ve already made his decision about Garmon and now they’re waiting to share it on their terms.

Garmon also could be waiting to come to Iowa City until after he takes care of his legal responsibilities. We just don’t know.

I’d be surprised if Garmon gets suspended for more than two games this coming season, assuming he follows through with his decision to play at Iowa.

What he’s been charged with isn’t serious enough to change the course of his life. Some would even say it’s not serious enough to merit any suspension.

Garmon’s leash will undoubtedly be shorter and his reputation has taken a hit, no pun intended.

Suspend him for a game or two and then hope that he’s learned his lesson.

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