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Hawkeyes’ new recruiting strategy is ‘sign of the times’

[ 2 ] June 25, 2012 |

Kirk Ferentz wasn’t kidding.

The Hawkeyes’ recruiting process was overhauled – just like he promised.

Traditionally a program that didn’t offer a lot of early scholarships, Iowa got at least four since last Friday.

He got non-binding verbal commitments from Des Moines Lincoln linebacker Trevon Young, Cedar Falls quarterback Ike Boettger, offensive lineman Sean Welsh of Springboro, Ohio, and defensive back Soloman Warfield of Lakewood, Ohio.

Iowa has 15 known commitments well ahead of the Hawkeye norm.

“I think it’s just a sign of the times,” Ferentz said during an April press conference. “I think it’s really about heightened awareness. It’s not going to slow down for sure.”

Major colleges offer scholarships so early these days that sometimes coaches don’t have enough time to know the players, and players sometimes don’t have enough time to know the coaches.

But it’s a recruiting fact of life – or get left behind.

“So we, like most people, have offered without really meeting a player– a prospect face to face, and that’s a little bit scary,” Ferentz said. “It’s a little bit like mail-order recruiting.

“If you ever bought something from a mail order or online, the box gets there, and you open it up, and it’s like, ‘Oh, I’m not sure.’

The difference, Ferentz said, is that the box can be returned. Recruit commitments most times are honored, although players still are free to maneuver if a better offer comes along.

That’s why Ferentz favors a December signing date in addition to current February signing period.

“It would be nice for prospects to sign at some early date and not have to worry about people knocking on their door in December and January,” Ferentz said.

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