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Iowa staff hits recruiting trail

[ 0 ] November 28, 2012 |

IOWA CITY, Ia. — Greg Davis and Nic Schimonek talk once a week.

Iowa’s offensive coordinator Greg Davis and a guy who hopes to be a Hawkeyes’ future star quarterback usually speak on Wednesdays.

“It’s a good relationship that we have,” said Schimonek, a high school senior from Corsicana, Texas, who will sign an Iowa national letter of intent in February. “I’m looking forward to getting up there.”

Tight end recruit Ike Boettger of Cedar Falls is anxious about becoming a Hawkeye next year, too.

“Whatever’s happened there this year hasn’t changed my mind one bit,” he said during an interview two weeks ago. “I’m an Iowa Hawkeye.”

Iowa concluded a 4-8 season with last Friday’s 13-7 loss against Nebraska, and now efforts turn to recruiting.

“We’ve got approximately 15 guys committed,” coach Kirk Ferentz said. “As far as I know, everything’s solid. All of our guys are out seeing the guys right now. Everything’s really positive.”

Ferentz hopes for at least five more recruits before national signing day.

<SW,-30>“We have three senior linebackers, but we’re thin, and we’ve been depleted there medically,” he said. “Then on the offensive side, guys that can score touchdowns would be a good thing.”<SW>

No more quarterbacks, unless John Elway Jr., calls,” Ferentz cracked.

Mostly, he is looking for defensive depth.

“A couple weaknesses on defense, in my opinion, were defensive end and safety, and they’ve done a good job helping those positions,” said Todd Worly, recruiting analyst for 247sports.com.

Among the players verbally committed to Iowa at those spots are defensive backs Delano Hill of Detroit and Solomon Warfield of Cleveland, Ohio. Another is former Lincoln star Trevon Young, who is either a defensive end or a linebacker.

“Those are very good recruits,” Worly said. “They’ve got potential to add a lot.”

Ferentz and his staff will continue to scour Iowa’s traditional recruiting territory, which <JU>Ferentz said primarily consists of states where the Big Ten Conference brand is well known, although he has assistants in other states, like Texas, as well.

They’re out recruiting now, while in past years, they were also preparing for a bowl game at this time.

“If there’s a good thing, we have a lot more time on that — the recruiting part, self-examination, talking to our players, developing them,” Ferentz said. “We can’t take them out on the field and practice, but we have a lot of time now that we can visit. So that’s the positive side of this.”

While 70 other programs fulfill bowl obligations, Ferentz’s staff is on the road.

“Iowa’s name is good,” said Worly, who lives in Ohio. “Everyone talks about recruiting in Florida, Texas and California, and it would be great for Iowa if it could develop a consistent pipeline in those places, but every school in the BCS is hammering those states hard, especially the local colleges.”

That’s why Worly says Iowa has to hit hard Midwest hotbeds such as Ohio, which is offensive line coach Brian Ferentz’s recruiting territory.

“I like what Brian is doing in Ohio,” Worly said. “He seems to be everywhere. Everyone’s heard of him.”


Prospects still like Iowa’s offense

Say what you want about Kirk Ferentz being stubborn when it comes to modernizing an offense that this season generated just more than 300 yards per game.

Just don’t call it a hindrance to recruiting.

“Actually, it doesn’t hurt Iowa as much as people might think,” said Todd Worly, recruiting analyst for 247sports.com website. “Most quarterbacks in high school have dreams of playing in the NFL, and as it sits right now, Iowa is one of the teams out there that still plays that style, for the most part.

“Recruits like that, going to a program that already runs a pro-style offense.”

Ferentz keeps his sense of humor

The Iowa football team lost eight games, but coach Kirk Ferentz didn’t lose his sense of humor.

“This is one press conference where I don’t think people are going to ask if I’ve been contacted by anybody other than a Division III job in Montana or something like that,” Ferentz said.

Other one-liners included:

“This is hardly a hopeless situation. It’s not like we have to climb Mt. Everest here.”

What’s Ferentz going to do with some of his spare time, considering he doesn’t have bowl game to prepare for?

“Figure out where to get a Christmas tree,” he said before wondering if that was a politically correct statement.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that. I’ll probably get in trouble.”

Fullback Rogers will have surgery

Iowa fullback Brad Rogers will undergo back surgery during the offseason.

“He looked like Amos McCoy,” Ferentz said, referring to the grandfatherly figure on the 1960s television show “The Real McCoys.”

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