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A breakdown of ESPN interview with Ferentz

[ 0 ] August 1, 2013 |

Kirk Ferentz’s tour of ESPN included a live television interview with Samantha Ponder.

Among the topics discussed:

*Ferentz was asked how he would typically like to spend his birthday. He turned 58 today.

“Probably be nice to have the whole family together,” Ferentz said, “but that’s getting harder and harder to do.”

*Ponder asked Ferentz, who is going into his 15th season with the Hawkeyes, what he wished he knew when he was just beginning his tenure.

“Sometimes I wonder about that,” he said. “You think maybe you get a little bit smarter or more organized as you get older, but that’s not always the case.

“Certainly there’s a little bit more comfort level when you’ve done it a couple years. But one thing about sports, and life in general, there’s always a new challenge. Things are always changing, so there’s always something that’s going to come up you don’t quite anticipate.”

*Next question was about Iowa’s quarterback situation.

“We came out of spring practice pretty much even, with three players that we really liked,” Ferentz said. “They’re all young players, inexperienced players. I think college players in general improve over the course of a summer… So we’re really anxious and eager to see what they look like when we get going in camp

“Probably we get about halfway through camp, we’ll have to start making some decisions about who is where. Hopefully, the completion will take care of itself.”

*Ponder stayed with the quarterbacks, asking what they need to prove to Ferentz during summer camp.

“All they can do is practice and perform well, in that circumstance,” Ferentz said. “The ultimate test is how they play in games… It’s all about leading the team and making great decisions.”

*What are Ferentz’s other big questions heading into camp?

“I think we’re young on the perimeter,” he said. “The receiver position, offensively. And then, defensively, we’ve got a couple young players that need to keep coming along. I think they will.”

*On changes within his coaching staff.

“It’s really been a two-year process,” Ferentz said. “We’ve had six new coaches join the program in two years. Coming out of spring practices, I think everybody had a good comfort level, and communication between everybody.”

*On changes he would make to the NCAA. What would he suggest?

“Recruiting jumps out,” Ferentz said. “The last five years, it just continues to accelerate. So I think somehow, some way, we’ve got to get caught up to it with our legislation, our approach to the calendar.”

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